Aeyde / Berlin / Ongoing 2016 /

Valchromat / Foamboard /  Cardboard

Aeyde's identity as a contemporary shoe-brand, was our base to define a set of materials and expressive forms for their office.


The metal volumes are showcasing their latest collections. 3 elements have polished stainless steel surfaces and mirror the presented shoes from every angle. The other 3 elements function as a counterpart with the matte anodized aluminium.


The pinboards are insulation boards that are mounted on the wall between two aluminium profiles. The foam boards are  easily replaced when their lifespan comes to an end.


A cabinet to store their many samples was built out of light grey Valchromat and functions as a roomdivider to separate the kitchen area from a workspace. The sounds coming in from the kitchen are deflected by the cabinets jagged form.